Small change to CCBC Rules of Membership

Since the upgrade two years ago, the CCBC system has been producing a new warrant number following re-issue of a warrant. You may be aware of this change, however CCBC Rules of Membership have been updated to reflect this. Part 5.17.3 The Rule changed from 'The warrant will retain the original warrant number following reissue' to 'A new warrant number will be provided following reissue'.


Court closures

On the 14th December 2010, Jonathan Djanogly, the Justice Minister, announced to Parliament, the Lord Chancellor's decisions on Court reform. Following consultation, it was decided that 142 courts across England and Wales would close, 49 of these are County Courts. Closures will range from courts merging to single sites, sites being used for hearings only and complete closure. By implementing these changes, there will be savings for the taxpayer in running costs across the spending review period.
No.County CourtDateTransfer to/ Close
268Melton Mowbray30/09/2011Leicester
311Rugby30/09/2011CJC Nuneaton
340Stratford Upon Avon30/09/2011CJC Leamington Spa
155Burton Upon Trent01/04/2013TBC
118Barnsley01/04/2011Barnsley Magistrates
128Bishop Auckland13/07/2011Darlington/Durham
1168Huntingdon01/04/2011Peterborough (admin only)
196Epsom15/07/2011Guildford & Reigate
2947Haywards Heath15/07/2011Brighton
353Trowbridge01/04/2012Chippenham Magistrates

When will the closures take place?

Implementation of the court closure programme will begin April 2011 and will last until September 2014.

How will the closures impact on you?

CPC Only Claims - if the court you normally issue is closed you will be required to select an alternative court within your data file.
  • CCBC Claims - no change
  • Judgment Requests - no change
  • Warrants Requests - if the court you normally issue in is closed, you will be required to select an alternative
  • Warrant Re-issue - if the court you wish the warrant to be re-issued to is closed, you would need to select an alternative court
  • Pre-judgment transfers - if the court of transfer is closed, you would need to select an alternative court and file your allocation questionnaire with the new court
  • Post-judgment transfers - if the court of transfer is closed, you would need to select an alternative court and file your application with the new court

Systems in place to assist you?

At present there is a postcode re-mapping exercise taking place and court jurisdictions are being aligned to new parishes which need to be supported by a Practice Direction. Once completed: The court computer systems will be updated to reflect courts that have been closed. You will be informed in good time when you will be required to select alternative courts as part of your data file to give you a chance to update your systems. At present, please continue to submit your data files in the normal way. The HMCTS Court Finder tool on the Ministry of Justice website will also be updated to enable you to pinpoint the new court jurisdictions according to parishes. NB. It is not possible to confirm when the postcode mapping computer programs with the new court jurisdictions will be available in the public domain. Please be aware of the impact of this on your internal working practices. Please note that all Court change information is subject to change. If one of the courts closing is your local court, please contact them directly for specific closure arrangements for applications, hearings etc. PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT YOU SHOULD SUBMIT YOUR DATAFILES, REQUESTS AND APPLICATIONS ETC. IN THE NORMAL WAY TO CCBC UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED TO CHANGE PROCEDURES.

21/03/2011 Spring Newsletter

From 4th April 2011 a new Fees Order comes into force and the cost of some applications will increase. Any incorrect fees received after 3rd April 2011 will be returned to the sender and the updated fee will be payable.
RuleApplication typeCurrent feeRevised fee
2.6Application on notice where no other fee specified£75£80
2.7Application by Consent or without notice where no other fee is specified£40£45
2.9Application to vary a Judgment or suspend enforcement£35£40
7.1High Court Writ of Execution£50£60
Allocation Questionnaire fee for cases between £1500 and £5000 will increase from £35 to £40. Allocation Questionnaire fee for cases over £5000 will increase from £200 to £220. For information only - MCOL Customers Only: 8.2 - on a request for a further attempt at execution of a Warrant at a new address increases from £25.00 to £30.00.

Merger with the Tribunals Service

From the 4th April 2011, HMCS is merging with the Tribunals service. From this date cheques should be made payable to HMCTS. CPC/CCBC e-mail addresses will also change to incorporate this merger:-(’hmcourts-service’ will be replaced with ’hmcts’)

Requests for judgment

Important Reminder Please remember that all requests for judgment (excluding judgment by determination) along with all notices of discontinuance/withdrawal and paid notifications should be sent by data file. Manual requests will not be processed unless you have contacted our office for permission to send these manually due to temporary data transfer problems. If you are unable to send data electronically, and have not already done so, please contact the CPC Manager immediately to arrange for testing.

Re-classification of defendant responses

Please note that the CCBC correspondence managers can only re-classify a response to a claim made by a defendant if there has been a clear classification error (e.g. the defendant is just saying he cannot afford to pay the debt), they cannot decide on the validity of other issues raised, as they are not legally trained. If you wish a judicial decision made on the response, then you need to either make an Application to strike out the response, with the required fee, or apply to transfer the case out.

Enforcement Updates

Please note we are unable to give updates regarding enforcement action processed by another County Court. You will need to address this type of correspondence with that Court directly. Please do not send correspondence into us of this nature.

Customer letters to defendants

Please ensure your letters to defendants give the up-to-date fees, e.g. some customers are still stating that a Certificate of Satisfaction (N441A) costs £10.00, rather than the current fee of £15.00. This fee will not change on the 4th April 2011.